Business units

North America Fibre Cement
In the US and Canada, the largest application for fibre cement building products is in external siding for the residential building industry. The external siding market includes various cladding types, including fibre cement, vinyl, natural wood, oriented strand board, hardboard, brick, stucco and stone.

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Asia Pacific Fibre Cement
In the Asia Pacific region, we principally sell into the Australian, New Zealand and Philippines markets, with the residential building industry representing the principal market for fibre cement products. The largest applications of fibre cement across our three primary markets are in external siding, internal walls, ceilings, floors, soffits, fences and facades.

Europe Fibre Cement

In Europe, fibre cement building products are used in both residential and commercial building applications in external siding, internal walls, floors, soffits and roofing.

In April 2018, we completed our acquisition of Fermacell, a market leader in fibre gypsum and cement bonded boards in Europe. Like James Hardie’s fibre cement products, we believe Fermacell’s fibre gypsum boards deliver superior performance relative to competitive products, such as gypsum plaster and OSB boards. Fermacell, which is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, operates 6 plants located in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain and has a sales force of more than 300 employees throughout Europe and the Middle East. Fermacell markets its products and systems under various brand names, such as Fermacell® gypsum fibre boards, Fermacell Powerpanel® and Fermacell AESTUVER® fire protection products.



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