Workplace safety

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees and have sustained incident rates well below industry average for the past decade.  For fiscal year 2017, our global incident and Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rates were 1.4 and 0.7, respectively, compared to 3.8 and 1.0, for all manufacturing industries.

During fiscal year 2017, our focus shifted from lagging to leading indicators in our pursuit of a Zero-Harm Culture, recognising that any one incident that results in physical harm to an employee is one too many.  In 2016, as part of this advanced approach, we established a Safety Culture Steering Committee in the United States comprised of hourly and salaried leaders representing each manufacturing location.  The Committee’s primary objective has been to take the next step in our development toward becoming a company that is identified as having a best-in-class safety culture.  Taking a long-term approach, the Committee has started by identifying both current factors that forestall the company’s progression toward zero-harm as well as best practices capable of driving improvement of safety performance within our organisation.

The Committee collaborated with North American, European and Asia Pacific operational teams to develop a new global safety vision for James Hardie:

To become a World-Class Safety Organisation focused on Safe People, Safe Plants, and Safe Systems to drive a Zero-Harm Culture

The Safety Culture Steering Committee developed and our executive leadership adopted a multi-year plan on how to achieve our goal of achieving a Zero-Harm Culture.  As such, the emphasis has been placed on:

  • Engaging, empowering and training Safe People through visible leadership support and a commitment to safety that is evident 24/7/365
  • Cleaning and organizing Safe Plants through a structured housekeeping approach and provide improvements that promote sustainable housekeeping processes at each facility
  • Developing Safe Systems that provide real-time data and tools for continuous risk reduction


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