Workplace safety

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for every employee. In Fiscal Year 2018, our global Incident Rate and Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rates were 1.1 and 0.5 respectively, compared to 4.0 and 2.2 for all general manufacturing industries – a result consistent with the low industry average that we have maintained for the past decade.    

During Fiscal Year 2018, we strengthened our focus on our Zero Harm Culture initiative, adopted by our executive leadership team, recognizing that a single incident that results in physical harm to an employee is one too many.  To ensure the inclusion of our employees, we have established the Safety Culture Steering Committee – a team made up of a broad cross-section of employees from each plant and representatives from various corporate manufacturing and support functions.     

The Safety Culture Steering Committee developed a multi-year plan on how to achieve our Zero Harm Culture goal with emphasis placed on a number of safety activities such as: 

  • SafeStart® and Milliken Safety Way® training for manufacturing employees and management team members;
  • Sustainable housekeeping in manufacturing plants;
  • Installation of additional dust capture controls to ensure compliance with the new OSHA Silica Rule;
  • Inclusion of intensive EHS analysis in all plant process modifications and expansion projects;
  • Global standardisation and optimisation of safety procedures and processes to ensure minimum standards are implemented across world-wide operations; and
  • Implementation of a streamlined EHS Management System that provides the structure and guidance to support and direct expected behaviours for the business.


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