We believe strong corporate governance is essential to achieving both our short and long-term performance goals and to maintaining the trust and confidence of investors, employees, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders. Our corporate governance framework and practices are designed to enable the Board to set objectives and monitor performance and to strengthen the accountability of the Board and management. We actively monitor our corporate governance practices to ensure we continue to manage our business in accordance with high standards of ethics, business integrity, and corporate governance.  Among our corporate governance highlights, a few examples are as follows:

Risk Management – We believe that sound risk management policies, procedures and controls produce a system of risk oversight, risk management and internal control that is fundamental to good corporate governance and compliance and creation of shareholder value. The objective of our risk management policies, procedures and controls is to ensure that: (1) our principal strategic, operational and financial risks are identified and assessed; (2) our risk appetite for each risk is considered; (3) effective systems are in place to monitor and manage risks; and (4) reporting systems, internal controls and arrangements for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations are adequate. Our risk management policies seek to strike a balance between ensuring that we continue to generate financial returns while simultaneously managing risks appropriately by setting appropriate strategies, objectives, controls and tolerance levels.

Long-Term Value Creation – On an annual basis, the Board reviews our strategic priorities with management, including our business plan, and leads discussions on execution strategy, including budgetary considerations, to ensure that we have the appropriate resources to deliver the agreed strategy. The Board also monitors management, operational and financial performance against such goals on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Workplace Diversity – We believe that a capable, inclusive and diverse workforce, encompassing a wealth of different viewpoints, skills, attributes, and experiences, contributes to the business performance and overall success of the Company. We appreciate the differing abilities, perspectives and experiences of our employees and strive to create an environment where individuals feel safe to engage and participate because they know they are valued and respected. With operations and employees located around the world, we have implemented a Workplace Diversity Policy that reflects the organization’s inclusive view of diversity, which embraces individual differences related to race, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability. The Board, with assistance from management, is responsible for approving and monitoring our diversity policy and measurable objectives in the context of our unique circumstances and industry. The Board assesses the policy and objectives annually and our progress in achieving them.

Additional information regarding our corporate governance framework, processes and policies can be found elsewhere on this website our in our publicly filed reports.

Availability of Key Governance Documents

The Company's Constitution, Board committee charters and the other key governance and corporate policies referenced in this Statement, as updated from time to time, are available in the Governance Library section of this website or by requesting a copy from the company secretary at the Company’s corporate headquarters at the Corporate Address.