Our products

We manufacture a wide-range of fiber cement building materials for both internal and external use across a broad range of applications, including: external siding, internal walls, floors, ceilings, soffits, trim, fencing, decking and facades. While there are some market specific products, our core product ranges, being planks, which are used for external siding and flat panels, which are used for internal and external wall linings and floor underlayments and are sold across all of the markets in which we operate.

Products Used in External Applications

We developed a proprietary technology platform that enables us to produce thicker yet lighter- weight fiber cement products that are generally easier to handle than most traditional building products. Further, we believe that our products provide certain durability and performance advantages leading to improved maintenance, while offering comparable aesthetics to competing products such as wood and superior aesthetics when compared to vinyl siding.

Performance and design advantages:

  • Our fiber cement products exhibit resistance to the damaging effects of moisture, fire, impact and termites compared to natural and engineered wood and wood-based products;
  • Competing  products do  not  duplicate  fiber cement aesthetics and the characteristics necessary for effectively accepting paint applications;
  • Our fiber cement products provide the ability to imprint designs that closely resemble the patterns and profiles of traditional building materials such as wood and stucco;
  • The surface properties of our products provide an effective paint-holding finish, especially when compared to natural and engineered wood products, allowing for greater periods of time between necessary maintenance and repainting; and
  • Compared to masonry construction, fiber cement is lightweight, physically flexible and can be cut using readily available tools, making our products more appealing across a broad range of architectural styles, be it of timber or steel-framed construction.

We believe the benefits associated with our fiber cement products have enabled us to gain a competitive advantage over competing products.

Products Used in Internal Applications

Compared to natural and oriented strand board and wood-based products, we believe our product range for internal applications provide the same general advantages provided by our products for external applications. In addition, our fiber cement products for internal applications exhibit less movement in response to exposure to moisture and impact damage than many competing products, providing a more consistent and durable substrate on which to install tiles. Further, we believe our ceramic tile underlayment products exhibit better handling and installation characteristics compared to fiberglass mesh cement boards.

Non-Fiber Cement Products

In addition to our portfolio of fiber cement product offerings, we continue to invest in business development opportunities aligned with our long term strategy, including our fiberglass windows business in North America.

Significant New Products

In the United States, new products released over the last three years include the James Hardie® Insulated Lap Siding and Trim, HardieTrim® 2x board, HardieTrim® NT3® Roughsawn board, HardieTrim® Mouldings, custom colors using our ColorPlus® Technology, and an improved touch-up accessory to support ColorPlus® products. In addition, we also launched the Aspyre Collection from James Hardie™, which brings together the modernity of our Reveal® Panel System (now available with color matching Reveal Surround Trim and Exposed Fasteners in 24 colors) with the traditional profiles of our Artisan® siding products (in addition to V-Groove and lap siding, the range has been expanded to include Bevel Channel, Square channel, Shiplap and Beaded lap).

In Australia and New Zealand, extensions to the existing Stria® cladding products have been launched to provide Stria® Standard 325mm, Stria® Wide 405mm, Splayed 255mm cladding profiles. Similarly, Axon® cladding has now been extended to provide Axon® Smooth 133mm, Axon® Smooth 400mm, and Axon® Grained 133mm cladding. In addition, the new HardieBrace® online calculator tool, which is available in Australia and New Zealand, offers a way to simplify selection of bracing products. The ease of installation of core product Villaboard® lining has been enhanced with the launch of the VillaboardTM knife.

In Australia, HardieEdge® trim for covering slab edges provides an easy to install solution to unfinished, rough concrete slab edges that would otherwise detract from the appearance of a wall clad with James Hardie products. The HardieDeckTM system continues to provide a major new product offering since its launch in 2015. Modcem® modular flooring has provided an entry into commercial flooring applications. Similarly, Systemboard® cladding provides a niche multi-story construction product application. Acquisition of Building Solutions Pty Ltd, has resulted in the formation of the James Hardie Systems business unit and provided the Australian business with a new product category, the Ritek® permanent formwork walling system, a quality durable wall solution, which expands our product and systems offering into the growing medium to high density construction segment. Additions to the range of building science offerings include HardieWrap® weather barrier, HardieFire® Insulation, HardieBreak® Thermal Strip, as well as the HardieSmart® Boundary, Aged Care, Intertenancy and ZeroLot® Wall Systems. The launch of new wall systems are also supported by the Compliant System® trade mark. The performance of the ZeroLot® wall system is supported by the new Coreshield® protective sealer technology. An improved ZeroLot® wall system, incorporating a thinner 60mm HardieFire® insulation layer and also providing a cavity for running services, while maintaining necessary fire rating performance, has also been launched.

In New Zealand, over the same timeframe, Secura® Interior Flooring, Secura® Exterior Flooring, AxentTM Fascia, HomeRAB® 4.5mm Pre Cladding, Stria® Cladding, Axon® 400 and 133 Grained Cladding, and Linea® Oblique®  Cladding have been launched.

In the Philippines, new products released over the past three years include the extension of the established Hardieflex® board range with the inclusion of Hardieflex® Wet Area Walls lining. An improved version of their wall jointing compound has been launched under the HardieFlex® Putty trade mark. A Vented Eaves extension to the Hardieflex® Eaves product is also now available.

The European business continues to provide HardieFloor® Structural Flooring, HardieFloor dB® Structural Acoustic Flooring, and HardieQStrip® Acoustic Battens into the market as part of our Smart Flooring Solutions™ offer.


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