Annual Reports 2004

This year's theme of Performance is relevant to the company, to the products we produce, and to the people who produce them.

The report contains:

The report describes the company's performance for the financial year ended 31 March 2004. In the final months of this period, the NSW Government in Australia announced a Special Commission of Inquiry into the asbestos liabilities of former group companies that manufactured using asbestos and the establishment of the Medical Research and Compensation Foundation by James Hardie in 2001. At the time of printing this report, the Commission has yet to report on its findings. It is therefore not possible, and not appropriate, for the issues raised at the Commission to be addressed in detail in this report. The company will respond to the Commission's findings as soon as it is able to, and will communicate this information directly to shareholders.

Use the links below to download PDF files of the complete 2004 Annual Report, or different sections. These files are better if you want print-outs of the pages.

Lins to our Dutch and US GAAP reports appear at the bottom of the list.

Performance Review

Performance Drivers

Financial Performance

Overseas Filings

  • Dutch GAAP icon-pdf 207K
    Filed with the ASX 19 July 2005
  • US GAAP 20-F icon-pdf 1.84Mb
    Filed in the US and with the ASX on 23 November 2004

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