Annual Reports 2010

James Hardie's 2011 annual report describes the company's performance for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2011.

Downloadable PDF files of 2011 Annual Report

Use these links to go to PDF downloads of:

  • the complete 2010 Annual Report;
  • the three main sections of the report; or
  • individual sections.

Links to our overseas filings are at the bottom of the page.

All holders of the company's securities may receive, on request, a hard copy of our complete audited financial statements, free of charge, by contacting one of the company's corporate offices. Phone and address details are provided on our Contact Us page.

Complete 2011 annual report icon-pdf 2.9Mb

Three main sections:

  • Covers  icon-pdf 162K
  • Editorial  icon-pdf 2Mb
  • Financials  icon-pdf 672K

Individual sections that will load and print quickly:


  • Introduction and Results at a glance icon-pdf 206K
  • Chairman's Report icon-pdf 83K 
  • CEO's Report icon-pdf 113K
  • CFO's Report icon-pdf 341K
  • Asbestos Funding icon-pdf 64K
  • Manufacturing icon-pdf 83K
  • Summary of Operations icon-pdf 207K
  • USA and Europe Fibre Cement icon-pdf 307K
  • Asia Pacific Fibre Cement icon-pdf 103K
  • Workplace safety icon-pdf 98K
  • Differentiated products icon-pdf 287K
  • Sustainability icon-pdf 222K
  • Group Management Team icon-pdf 116K
  • Board Directors icon-pdf 96K


  • Index to Financial Statements icon-pdf 26K
  • Management's Discussion and Analysis icon-pdf 103K
  • Directors' Report icon-pdf 52K
  • Remuneration Report icon-pdf 351K
  • Corporate Governance Report icon-pdf 94K
  • Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm icon-pdf 24K
  • Consoldiated Balance Sheets icon-pdf 35K
  • Consolidated Statements of Operations icon-pdf 33K
  • Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows icon-pdf 39K
  • Consolidated Statements of Changes in Shareholders' Deficit icon-pdf 34K
  • Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements icon-pdf 149K
  • Remuneration Disclosures icon-pdf 34K
  • Selected Quarterly Financial Data icon-pdf 30K
  • Group Statistics 2006-2010 icon-pdf 35K
  • Share/CUFS Information icon-pdf 114K

Overseas filings

  • US GAAP 20-F  icon-pdf 2.5Mb
    filed with the SEC on 30.06.11 
  • Dutch GAAP icon-pdf 2Mb
    filed with the ASX on 2 August 2010

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