Board Committees

In order to ensure that the Board properly discharges its responsibilities and fulfills its oversight role, the Board has established the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committde and Nominating and Governance Committee.

The Board Committee Charters are available from the Library on this website, or at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, from time to time, the Board may establish ad hoc Board committees to address particular matters.  Each standing Board Committee meets at least quarterly and has scheduled an annual calendar of meeting and discussion topics to assist it to properly discharge all of its responsibilities.  Each Board committee Chairman reports to the Board at each scheduled Board meeting on their activities.

Each of the standing Board committees operates under a written charter adopted by the Board. On an annual basis, each committee, with the assistance of the Nominating and Governance Committee, undertakes a review of its charter for consistency with applicable regulatory requirements and current corporate governance principles and practices. Each of the standing Board committee charters is available in the section below.


Committee Information
Detailed information about each of the Board Committees is set out on the following pages:


Committee Charters
The Charters for each of the Board Committees are available on their respective pages (above) and in the Library, or via the following links:



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