Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee oversees the Company’s overall remuneration structure, policies and programs, assesses whether the Company’s remuneration structure establishes appropriate incentives for management and employees, and approves any significant changes in the Company’s remuneration structure, policies and programs. Amongst other things, the Remuneration Committee:

  • administers and makes recommendations on the Company’s incentive compensation and equity-based remuneration plans;
  • reviews the remuneration of directors;
  • reviews the remuneration framework for the Company; and
  • makes  recommendations  to  the  Board  on  the  Company’s  recruitment,  retention  and termination policies and procedures for senior management.

The current members of the Remuneration Committee are David Harrison (Chair), Persio Lisboa, Harold Wiens, Anne Lloyd and Michael Hammes, all of whom are independent non-executive directors.

A more complete description of the Remuneration Committee functions is contained in the Remuneration Committee Charter (approved August 2020) (PDF, 128KB)



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