Shareholders' Participation

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James Hardie securities trade as CUFS on the ASX and as American Depositary Shares (“ADS”) on the NYSE.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2018 AGM was held in Ireland and shareholders were able to participate in the AGM via teleconference of proceedings. The 2019 AGM will also be held in Ireland, and shareholders not present in Ireland who wish to participate in the meeting, including asking questions about the management of the Company, can do so via a teleconference. In addition, shareholders have the opportunity to submit questions to the Company online or by returning the question form enclosed with the Notice of Meeting in advance of the meeting.

Questions received from shareholders will be collated and the Chairman will address as many questions as possible at the meeting. Shareholders also have the opportunity to ask questions of the external auditor at the AGM about the conduct of the audit and the preparation of the auditor’s report.

Notices of Meeting are accompanied by explanatory notes which provide clear and concise information regarding the business to be transacted at the meeting.

Details regarding the 2019 AGM will be set out in the 2019 AGM Notice of Meeting. This will be posted to all shareholders and made available on the Company’s website.

Each shareholder (other than an ADS holder) has the right to:

  • attend the AGM either in person or by proxy;
  • speak at the AGM; and
  • exercise voting rights, including at the AGM, subject to their instructions on the Voting Instruction Form.

While ADS holders cannot vote directly, ADS holders can direct the voting of their underlying shares through the ADS depositary.



The Company is committed to communicating effectively with the Company’s shareholders and engaging them through a range of communication channels in a program that includes:

  • making management briefings and presentations accessible via a live webcast and/or teleconference following the release of quarterly and annual results;
  • audio webcasts of other management briefings and the annual shareholder meeting;
  • a comprehensive investor relations website that displays all announcements and notices (promptly after they have been cleared by the ASX), major management and investor roadshow presentations;
  • site visits and briefings on strategy for investment analysts;
  • regular engagement with institutional shareholders to discuss a wide range of governance issues;
  • an email alert service to advise shareholders and other interested parties of announcements and other events; and
  • equality of access for shareholders and investment analysts to briefings, presentations and meetings and equality of media access to the Company, on a reasonable basis.

Shareholders can also elect to receive communications from the Company and its share registry, by electronic means.


Investor website
We have a dedicated section on corporate governance as part of the Investor Relations website. Information on this section of the website is progressively updated and expanded to ensure it presents the most up-to-date information on our corporate governance structure.



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